The Wayfarer Chronicle

The Court

They make it to the court, they find Zulie, and after The Dauntain comes and destroys the place nicely, discovers that the thing he seeks no longer resides within Zulie and leaves. The Mirrorstone beckons them back and tells them that he threatened her, and shows them a vision of the thing he seeks, which is in Zulies heart, which is in Alia’s workshop.

Through the looking glass..

Andy casts a will o’wisp into Zulie’s shoes, and it leads them into the mirror. The Mirrorstone opens the trod for them. They find themselves on a silver beach with a silver path and a boat with no oars leading away. They get it to carry them along, and are escaping (so they think) from a threatening hissing movement in the water, when they all fall into an enchanted sleep. Except Loren, who is going to have one hell of a headache.


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